Taming Distributed Stateful Pets With Kubernetes


The whole QCON conference has had a red thread when talking about cloud and deployment, and that is Kubernetes. It seems that Kubernetes really have taken over any alternative that might be, and this session is a about what to do when you need state in your Kubernetes cluster.

Stateful Set. You want to have separate disks and have a unique disk to each resource.

Custom Resources

  • API “as a service”
  • Kubernetes API primitives fro ‘custom’ types

CRD – Custom Resource Definition

  • Quick and easy
  • Great for single extension
  • No versioning, admission control

Custom API server

  • Full power of Kubernetes
  • Requires etcd

Example with Cassandra, you can specify placement and similar data for example that Cassandra data storage should be using an Amazon resource.

It finds the StatefulSets, the Loadbakancer/service, Persistent Disks.

Turns out they made a “product” Navigator on top of Kubernetes. I honestly thought this talk would be a bit more on how to use the Kubernetes building blocks to make stateful application deploys using “only” StatefulSets and Volumes

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